1. Branding
Company: Skullcandy
At Skullcandy, diversity is their focus. Despite diverse backgrounds and interests, they are bound together by a shared purpose: unwavering passion for their brand and for each other. It's this collective enthusiasm that unites them and fuels a commitment to Skullcandy's success.

2. Digital Design
I have contributed significantly to Skullcandy's marketing initiatives by creating a collection of promotional materials. This includes the design and production of web banners, email layouts, comprehensive catalogs for the calendar year, and visually compelling e-commerce product images. My role has been instrumental in presenting the brand consistently and effectively across various platforms, enhancing Skullcandy's visual identity and marketing impact.
3. Social Media
Specialty designer of dynamic social media assets for Skullcandy, specifically catering to quarterly releases and special promotions. The focus was on capturing the sleek technology and bold statements that the company consistently aligns itself with. Through visually compelling and on-brand designs, I played a crucial role in enhancing the company's digital presence and effectively communicating its cutting-edge identity across various social media platforms.

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