Hi! My name is Richard, I grew up in southern California with amazing family and friends. I've always loved the variety of areas available to us​​​​​​​, particularly the mountains and beach being just a quick drive away.

Growing up I had a great enthusiasm for technology, which led to me studying video game design first year in high school. Through this experience I realized my true passion was in graphic design and the vast amount of different mediums it allows me to create in. Since then, graphic design has been both a passion and career in my life.

To balance my work and life I am continuously pursuing my passions for nature and new experiences such as snowboarding, camping, and woodworking. Snowboarding I began learning at 10 years old and have continued ever since as my favorite sport going every winter. Camping, backpacking, and hiking have always been a staple of my life growing up in California. I can’t even remember my first camping trip with my family, I was too young, but the spark and love for nature has been with me ever since. My woodworking first began when I was young and was finally allowed to use a small hammer that could actually hammer the nails. It wasn’t until the beginning of college I began incorporating and experimenting with graphic design and woodworking that opened entirely new possibilities that I still continue to explore.

To cap everything off, I’m a lifelong dog and animal lover who keeps sustainability in mind when making business, as well as personal decisions.

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