I'm Richard, and I'm excited to connect with you. Having spent my formative years in Southern California surrounded by an incredible family and friends, I've always appreciated the diverse landscapes at our fingertips, especially the convenience of having both mountains and the beach just a short drive away.
My journey into the world of technology began early on, with a keen interest in video game design during my high school years. However, it was during this time that I discovered my true passion for graphic design and the limitless creative possibilities it offers across various mediums. Since then, graphic design has not only become a career but a continuous source of inspiration and fulfillment in my life.
In an effort to maintain a harmonious balance between work and life, I actively pursue my love for nature and seek out new experiences. Whether it's the exhilaration of snowboarding, the tranquility of camping, or the creative outlet of woodworking, these pursuits have become integral to my life. I started snowboarding at the age of 10, making it a cherished winter tradition. Camping, backpacking, and hiking have been lifelong staples, instilling in me an enduring appreciation for the great outdoors.
My journey into woodworking began in childhood with a small hammer and the joy of driving in the first nails. It wasn't until college that I started blending graphic design with woodworking, uncovering entirely new avenues for exploration and creative expression that I continue to explore.
To round off, I'm not just a graphic designer; I'm also a lifelong dog and animal enthusiast. Sustainability is a guiding principle in both my business and personal decisions, reflecting my commitment to making choices that have a positive impact.
I look forward to the opportunity to connect further and share more about my experiences and creative ventures.
Best regards,
Richard Splawski

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