1. Branding
Company: Amazzia
Amazzia specializes in navigating the intricate, automated landscape of the Amazon marketplace, transforming it into a more accessible and personalized experience. Their mission is to provide 24/7 brand protection and maximize sales potential. Whether seeking guidance on PPC strategies or SEO optimization, their team of Amazon business experts in Los Angeles is ready to serve as your dedicated consultants, regardless of your location.

2. Digital Design
Played a pivotal role in shaping Amazzia's brand identity by developing cohesive assets and themes. This encompassed the creation of vectorized representations of team members, the production of an illustrated brand guideline booklet, and the design of banner ads that established the definitive look and feel of the company. Additionally, contributed to data communication by designing and visually illustrating data through infographics and case studies for use in both digital and print marketing materials.
3. Social Media
As the content creator for Amazzia's social media handles, I played a pivotal role in expanding the brand's identity. This involved transforming intricate infographics into easily digestible and informative carousel slide presentations. Additionally, I introduced the Amazzia team through engaging animated flipping GIFs, capturing and presenting a summary of each team member. Using dynamic and visually appealing content, contributed to fostering a vibrant and relatable online presence for the brand.
4. Print Production
Led the design and production of impactful 3D foam icon-mounted signage for display in the Amazzia office space, effectively communicating the company's core values and reinforcing its brand identity. Furthermore, played a key role in enhancing the brand's presence by designing personalized business cards and documentation, ensuring a cohesive and professional representation of the Amazzia brand across various office materials.

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