1. Branding
Company: JOUX Artworks
In a world often overshadowed by challenges such as pollution and hate, presenting 'JOUX.' Derived from the French slang 'Sa'Joux,' translating to 'what's good?' they chose this name as a commitment to bringing positivity to people's lives. At JOUX, their dedication lies in spreading good vibes wherever they go. A belief that through the channels of creativity, inspiration, and freedom of thought, we can collectively cultivate a lifestyle centered on positivity and love.

2. Digital Design
As the sole designer for JOUX, I was responsible for the meticulous task of transforming artwork sketches into fully vectorized and colorized assets, providing versatile and clean file formats for use across different avenues. In addition to my design role, I served as the primary video editor, managing the editing and enhancement of filmed and photographed content. This content was strategically crafted for optimal use in marketing campaigns and various social media platforms, ensuring a cohesive and engaging brand presence.
3. Website Design
As a contracted designer entrusted with the creation of the Joux Art website from inception, I undertook the challenge of crafting a dual-purpose platform. This involved establishing a gallery setting for marketing fine art pieces and concurrently constructing an online store seamlessly integrated with the art gallery. The objective was to facilitate the sale of merchandise and, eventually, canvas prints while maintaining the elevated fine art aesthetic we aimed to achieve.
To optimize efficiency, I utilized Adobe XD to create and edit each web asset. This streamlined the design-to-development process, eliminating the need for daily meetings, and significantly accelerated production. This approach allowed for a smoother collaboration with my programming partner, ensuring the successful realization of Joux Art's distinctive online presence.

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