1. Branding
Company: California Walnuts
The California Walnut Board, founded in 1948, serves as the representative body for California's walnut growers and handlers. The Board's financial support is derived from mandatory assessments imposed on handlers. Established in 1987, the California Walnut Commission fulfills a similar role and is funded through mandatory assessments levied on growers.

2. Digital Design
Led the design and production of HTML5 animated advertisements tailored for prominent marketing networks associated with California Walnuts. Contributed to the visual appeal by editing and enhancing all food photography assets utilized in advertisements, ensuring a compelling and impactful representation of the brand.
3. Print Production
Designed and produced in-store marketing posters for grocery outlets, emphasizing bright and clean imagery to immediately capture attention and engage the audience. Additionally, created recipe cards with a similar visual approach, ensuring a quick and captivating experience for the reader.

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