1. Branding
Company: PopSockets
Established in 2014 by former philosophy professor David Barnett, PopSockets has evolved into a global digital lifestyle company. They specialize in offering empowering, fun, and expressive products designed to enhance the way people use their phones. With over 245 million iconic phone grips sold across 75 countries, PopSockets has become synonymous with innovation in the mobile accessory space. Their expanding ecosystem now includes a variety of related products, such as phone cases, wallets, mounts, batteries, and chargers.

2. Digital Design
As a designer for PopSockets, I played a pivotal role in creating marketing materials that seamlessly aligned with new quarterly releases. This encompassed the development of digital banners, email layouts, marketing design assets, e-commerce product images, and animated GIFs. Each design was meticulously crafted to resonate with the brand's aesthetic and effectively communicate the essence of each product release, contributing to the success of PopSockets' dynamic marketing campaigns.

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