1. Branding
Company: EcoBlvd
EcoBlvd was created for the purpose of balancing the waste created by cell phone cases each year. The company aims to create a 100% compostable smartphone case that is both functional and durable while providing a variety of modern styles for any smartphone user.

2. Digital Design
Exclusively spearheaded the development and design of the EcoBlvd brand identity, encompassing the creation of comprehensive Brand and Logo Guidelines. Additionally, crafted digital mockups for trademarked products, including the Laguna and Sequoia phone cases, ensuring a cohesive and visually compelling representation of the brand across various platforms.

3. Social Media
Played a pivotal role as the designer and content creator for EcoBlvd’s social media platforms, curating a diverse array of content formats. Developed and executed static posts, GIFs, video edits, and customized motion graphics, contributing to a dynamic and engaging online presence that resonates with our audience.

4. Print Production
Led the EcoBlvd case print production line as the primary operator and department manager at Valor, utilizing the Roland LEF2-300 UV printer for in-house custom phone case production, specifically for the Laguna and Sequoia cases. Took charge of developing comprehensive step-by-step training manuals for all custom print procedures. Additionally, served as the sole print production designer for merchandise and promotional items targeting both customers and influencers.
5. Package Design
Functioned as the primary package designer for both commercial and promotional packaging at EcoBlvd. Specialized in creating files from scratch and meticulously preparing them for print, ensuring the seamless transition from the design concept to the production phase.
6. Website Design
Instrumental in the creation of wireframes and conceptualizing UI/UX design for the EcoBlvd website's official launch. Drove the design and prototyping process, overseeing the development of the website, including the creation of all image web assets and e-commerce product images to ensure a seamless and visually engaging online presence.
7. Motion Graphics
Produced captivating motion graphics for widespread integration across EcoBlvd's marketing channels, spanning social media platforms and the official website. Contributed dynamic visual content to enhance brand presence and engagement across various marketing avenues.

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