1. Branding
Company: Pheed
Pheed originated as a web platform in Los Angeles, co-founded by Internet entrepreneur Phil Haus and music producer Tony DeNiro. Recognizing the growing prominence of mobile platforms in the realm of social media, Haus and DeNiro strategically pivoted their service to a mobile app. Notably, they introduced the first pay-per-view live stream technology on the App Store, reflecting Pheed's commitment to innovation and its anticipation of the evolving landscape of social media.

2. Photography Enhancement
Specialized in achieving a harmonious blend of color and black-and-white aesthetically clean photography. Functioned as the post-production designer, directing all aspects of the editing process, including body modification, skin smoothing, leveling highlights and shadows, background cleaning, and isolating/ enhancing color. Maintained a commitment to delivering meticulous and high-quality final outputs by paying detailed attention to each element throughout the editing process.

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